air filter design

Portable Room Air Purifier

The American Lung Association has stated that impurities in the air can help or contribute to the cause of lung diseases. Because of this air purifiers have become increasingly more common in households. The reason for this is to help remove or reduce the impurities in the air that you breathe.

This system works in a 6-Stage air treatment system:

  1. The system uses a carbon filter to remove smoke, fumes, and other odors.
  2. It includes a 5 micron pre-filter to catch dush, dander, and other particles.
  3. An additional carbon filter is used to enhance the all around performance.
  4. It also includes a 0.3 micron HEPA filter.
  5. It has a UVC lamp to remove germs, bacteria, mold & air born viruses.
  6. And includes a patented Pro-Cell for VOC reduction.