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Well Water

Fix your well water with our Iron Zapper, Sulfur Shield, UV Light, Softeners, Arsenic, and Neutralizer Filtration systems.

City Water

Improve your tap water with our Whole House Filters, Combination Softeners/ Filter and Drinking water systems.

Drinking Water

Get safe, pure drinking water with our Reverse Osmosis, Ultra Filtration, and our new Kangen Water machines (alkaline, ionized, and increased antioxidant water).


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About Filter Tech

Filter Tech, Inc. is a water filtration company based in the heart of Georgia. Filter Tech, Inc. specializes in residential, commercial and municipal water filtration applications. Where Filter Tech separates itself from other water filtration companies is we work closely with our installers/dealers located through the Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama, and North Florida areas. We believe it is of the upmost importance to educate anyone who drinks water to know what they are drinking and because of this we have created a process where we test the water, we speak directly to the customer about any concerns the customer may have, and finally create a solution that meets all the issues/ concerns that we have identified.


James (Jay) Hanlon- President/ Owner

Our Ownership

Jay worked in the plumbing industry for 12 years before moving into the Water Filtration Business. He worked as a Filtration Manager covering 7 locations throughout Florida for 9 years. From 2004 through October 2010 Jay was the Operations Manager of Filter Tech of Georgia, Inc. On November 1, 2010 Jay became the President and Owner of Filter Tech, Inc. Qualifacations include Certified Water Specialist, Certified Installer, and Reverse Osmosis/Ultrafiltration Certifications from the Water Quality Association.

Filter Tech Reviews

Caleb A. Stanley
Filter Tech installed a water purification system in our home. So happy we do not have to buy water bottles every week. We are so happy and Jay did an amazing job on the install! Highly recommend!
Chase Armbrust
Best in the business !! Hands down!!
Diane Nuce
We have had the reverse osmosis water filtration system installed in our house for almost a year now. It has worked flawlessly! I feel confident while making tea, juice, coffee, or just drinking plain water that the filter tech system has removed all the toxins & contaminants from our well water. It is a wonderful product/system & I would highly recommend Filter Tech, Inc to anyone. Jay Hanlon & his team are reliable, trustworthy, and extremely knowledgeable at what they do.
TD Phillips